Crazy Golf in Waldkirchen

Are you up for an active day outdoors? Enjoy fun and entertainment for the whole family and have a lively round of crazy golf in Waldkirchen, one of the most beautiful miniature golf courses in Bavaria.

The grounds offer a maximum of 18 original miniature golf tracks, all very well cultivated, a large grass play area with playground and trampoline, soccer goals, bobby cars, tractors, diggers and pits and dumper trucks for the little ones.

The rules are quite simple: At each track, you record the number of shots (maximum of six attempts!) you need to sink your ball after mastering different obstacles. You may reposition your ball after each attempt or, when a ball comes to rest outside an obstacle or is ‘out of bounds’, you may continue to play at that point where it comes to rest. If after six shots the ball has not been holed it is picked up immediately and a seven is recorded on the scorecard. The player with the fewest tries wins the game (total of all tracks).

Of course, you’ll also find simplified rules for kids there or it’s up to you to determine them. A great gaming experience for ages 2 and up.

And of course, culinary wishes are also best catered for. We offer icecream and refreshments even during your playing. On our partly roofed panoramic terrace with a stunning view of the Bavarian Forest, we serve hot meals ordered from the nearby Restaurant ‘Fernblick’ with free 1-hour delivery, or, if you prefer, Italian pizza or doner kebab prepared by Ali Baba.

It doesn’t matter if you join in on your own, in twos or with a complete group of friends – just having fun in the fresh air is the most important thing of all!

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