The City Park – right in the heart of Waldkirchen

The beautifully landscaped city park – the city’s green lung – is situated east of the city center, underneath the ‚Gymnasium’ and primary school, just a few minutes walk from the market place. This park was newly created in 2007 in the course of the regional garden and flower festival.

The water stairs lead you to the center of the park: a small pond surrounded by cozy enclosures: come and sit down, have a break and listen to the soothing sounds. A boardwalk takes you around the pond. Directly above you’ll find the so-called ‘Platz an der Sonne’ (lit. place in the sun) and a granite boat from Ischia, which is heading for it. This ensemble emblematizes the twinning between the city of Waldkirchen and the community of Serrara Fontana in Italy.

Oversized glass flowers guide the way to the Magic Carpet of Bionics, a curved and bouncing wooden deck spanned by ‘wings’ where your gaze is cast over the unspoilt natural landmark „Gsteinet“. Passing the water playground „Goldstrand“ (means golden sands) you will reach an area called Fashion and Gardens, which brings big city flair to Waldkirchen.

Especially the little ones will get excited about the playground „bodenlos“ (lit. bottomless), whereas the ‚big ones’ will be attracted by the Wolkensteg, a paraphrase for ‘runway into the clouds’, where you are invited to a relaxing rest on Bavaria’s longest bench. There you can enjoy a fantastic view of the perennial herbs and summer flower beds and of the rolling mountain ridges of the Bavarian Forest.

By the way, the city park is starting point of a 4-kilometer (2.5 miles) hiking trail through Waldkirchen, leading to all sites that are well worth seeing.