E-Bikes – no hectic, go electric

Riding an electric bike is the next big thing in cycling. A small electric motor gently assists you when conquering even the most demanding gradients – simply and almost effortlessly. Now every biker can do some easygoing cycling: supported by the subtle but powerful assist of an electric motor, you’ll get easily to your chosen destination. Enjoy the great outdoors, ride your bike from A to B, master even steep hills with ease and always feel the wind in your face but never the sweat down your back.

This leaves you more time to enjoy the beautiful landscape in and around Waldkirchen. Almost every destination can be reached easily.

But always keep in mind: this kind of sport also requires a minimum level of strength and stamina, because an e-bike doesn’t do all that hard work for you without some pedaling.

Near Waldkirchen you’ll find a good opportunity to try out high-end e-bikes: Zweirad Denk offers electric bikes for hire to discover the beauty of our countryside on two wheels. And best of all: zero-emission and low noise.

Biking enthusiasts can charge the batteries of their bikes at any power outlet – just ask at gas stations or restaurants. New in 2017: At the tourist information right in the middle of the marketplace you can find a possibility for charching yout ebike.

Fur further information please visit www.denk-gmbh.de