The Karoli Ice Rink – stage for ice princesses and „tough“ guys

From October to February, you can go ice skating or practice some Bavarian curling or ice hockey there. Experience pure fun on ice on a surface of 60 x 30 meters. From March to September, the rink serves as a multi-purpose hall and can be booked by event organizers.

Rink details:

  • ice surface: length 60 m / width 30 m
  • stands for approx. 1,200 people
  • permitted number of visitors: max. 2,500 people

Winter sports opportunities:

You’ll get a brochure with opening times and prices at our Tourist Office or simply download more details in our brochure area.

A booking schedule can be found in the brochure download.

Follow this link for more information regarding prices and discounts.