Open-Air Museum in Finsterau

High up in the hills of the Bavarian Forest, easy to reach yet far from the hectic pace of everyday life, the past has found a last refuge: the Finsterau Open-Air Museum. Close to the Bohemian border, its spacious grounds are extending along stone rows and mountain meadows, all surrounded by the dense woodland of mount Lusen.

One of the museum’s special treasures are its fully preserved farmsteads and farmhouses, an old village smithy and a wayside inn, which have been brought together here from all over the Bavarian Forest. Preserved in their original state and treated in a contemporary spirit, they keep alive centuries-old building culture and a bygone age, in which everyday life for the forest-farmers was arduous.

Special exhibitions and varied programs all year round tell about old crafts, ancient customs and art. Museum tours with an expert guide and workshops held by competent leaders allow visitors to actively participate in „Life at the Museum“, to educate and entertain themselves, to look back on past times and gaze in amazement, to learn, play and relax. (source:

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