The Magic Wood at Karoli – a thrilling playground for the small and tall

The wooded area between Hotel Karoli and Water Park has always been an idyllic patch of forest inviting visitors to take a stroll. Since the Regional Flower and Garden Festival in 2007, it has turned into a mystic adventure playground.

There are two tracks leading you through the wood. The ‘Hochweg’ is an easy walkable forest road, surrounded by wild forest spirits, creatures made of wood and stone, humming rocks, clacking keys to be stepped on, ‚cloud boats’ and shining lights. At the ‘Oberer Lichtblick’ (lit. upper bright spot), the ‚Hochweg’ track crosses a second track, the so-called ‚Drachensteig’ (lit. steep track of the dragon). Visitors, little and big, who are sure on their feet, enter a magic world of wood and stone when crossing the ‚Floating Room’.

A ‘Light and Shadow Corridor’ passes the ‘Wormhole’ and leads you directly to the ‘Dragon’s Nest’. Always keep your eyes open! Perhaps you can discover the many hidden dragons and their congeners. There you can find both ‚Mycelia of the Woods’ and a ‘Stone Gong’ or even the ‚Place of Photosynthesis’. Playing along, making music and discovering this magical world with us is strongly requested!

Please get further information at Touristinformation Waldkirchen.