‚Hunting Land River’ – Museum at Wolfstein castle

The ‚Jagd – Land – Fluss’ museum focuses on hunting from a scientific and cultural historical point of view.

The museum’s exhibition features the following themes:

  • Hunter and Hunted: all life is – a hunt, both for animals and humans
  • Hunting – past and present: one topic from several angles – big game hunting, the game of the courtly hunt, poaching, red deer, hunting trophy, hunting methods, hunting regulations and laws and a lot more
  • Border Crossers and Returners: at the beginning of the 1980s, some animal species were considered extinct in the Bavarian-Bohemian border area. Since then a number of species have returned: the lynx, the wolf, the elk, the Ural owl
  • Life in and around Water: waters as lifelines and energy sources, river banks and lake shores as a habitat

Please learn more at jagd-land-fluss.de