Dreisessel Tri-Border Region

How about a hike up the Tri-Border Region, where Bavaria – Bohemia – Austria meet, or a visit to our local mountain, the Dreisessel?

Mt. Dreisessel is arising south-east of Haidmühle and north-east of Neureichenau (two neighboring communities) and is one of the most striking mountains of the Bavarian and the Bohemian Forest. On its north-west slope, directly on the Světlá , runs the Schwarzenberg lumber floating canal. The border to the Czech Republic follows the mountain ridge of the Dreisessel about 370 m (1,214 ft) in a south-easterly direction. The Triangle Germany-Austria-Czech Republic is nestled between nearby Mt. Plöckenstein and about 3 km (1.86 miles) south-east of Mt. Dreisessel (beeline each).

The Dreisessel Mountain Inn invites visitors and hikers to take a relaxing break. The restaurant with café offers home-style cooking and a rich selection of coffee and ice-cream specialities and pastries.

Please learn more at www.dreisessel.com