The Karoli Water Park – swimming courses

The following swimming courses are offered at the Karoli Water Park:

Swimming Lessons for Children

This course is suitable for kids of age 5 and up.
Goal of this beginner’s course: teaching the children the basics of breast stroke.

topics: getting used to water, leg and arm techniques, swimming with assistance, safe swimming

duration: 5 x 60 minutes

dates: upon request

Swimming Lessons for Adults

This beginner’s course is suitable both for nonswimmers and unexperienced ones. As swimming has many positive effects on the entire body, you should try to practice this sport on a regular basis.

topics: reduce fear of water, efficient breast stroke

duration: 8 x 60 minutes

dates: on request

Kids Club (up to 12 years of age)

At the Kids Club, the children learn a perfect swimming style and even more strokes. Here they can also practice some more diving.

Lessons take place every Wednesday, except Christmas vacation.

duration: 15 x 60 minutes

dates: on request

fee: € 100.00 € incl. admission

Crawl Lessons

Talking with friends about triathlon, you can often hear answers like: ‚Biking and running, that’s ok, but swimming? A fruitless endeavour!’
Why not book some crawl lessons? To swim the crawl is much healthier than breast stroke as it relieves strain on the knees and back. Smooth movements are not interrupted by a sliding phase but run continuously. In addition, doing the crawl is the fastest way to glide through the water. Come on and join some practice lessons, it’s profitable!

duration: 6 x 45 minutes

dates: on request

Organizer and Swimming Instructor: Ernstl`s Schwimmschule

Please learn more and get dates and details at:

Ernstl`s Schwimmschule
Ernst Schopf
Bürgermeister Oeler Str. 8
94124 Büchlberg
phone: 08505/872850