Hiking in Waldkirchen – a true nature experience

Waldkirchen invites you to spend some restful holidays in the midst of splendid nature. Go hiking in the footsteps of the ancient salt traders (‚Salzsäumer’), who transported the ‚white gold’ to major Bohemian towns on pack animals and wagons. Explore the wild and romantic Saussbach gorge or take a stroll around Lake Erlauzwiesel. You’ll find lots of themed hiking trails in and around Waldkirchen, and of all lengths and ability. There is something for everyone!

Just a rough overview of hiking trails:

Trail 1 ‚Saussbach Gorge’

loop trail, 6 km (3.7 mi)
starting point: Tourist Office
This easy walkable loop trail is a real vision. The trail is signposted from its starting point at the Tourist Office. It leads you toward Erlenhain (name of the street) to Saußmühle. There you follow the so-called ‘Saußbachklamm’ (a gorge in a protected landscape) and walk uphill to a small dam. The way back to Waldkirchen always leads along the canal.

refreshment stop: Haller Alm (situated at the gorge, open May – October (weather permitting)

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Trail 2 „Connection to Health Resort Lake Erlauzwiesel’

5 km (3.1 mi), suitable for baby carriages
starting point: Tourist Office
You follow the so-called ‚Graben’ (name of the street) and walk along the canal of the power unit to the parking site called ‘Fischerhäusl’. There you turn left (please follow the signpost toward ‘Kurpark’. The road, easily accessible even with baby carriage, leads you along the ‘Schwarzbach’ creek to the Health Resort Lake Erlauzwiesel.
refreshment stops: Haller Alm (situated at the gorge, open May – October (weather permitting), Restaurant am See, Erlauzwiesel

Trail 3 ‚Bannholzweg’

loop trail, 5 km (3.1 mi)
starting point: Tourist Office
Starting at the Tourist Office, you walk toward the market place, cross it and follow Jahnstraße (name of the street) at the ‚TSV’ sports hall, there you pass the city park and walk toward ‘Bannholz’, a residential area. Follow the signpost there and enjoy the ‘Bannholz’ area on a 2-km long hiking path (1.24 mi) amidst a mixed forest of outstanding natural beauty.

Trail 4 ‚Sicklinger Weg’

loop trail, 9 km (5.6 mi)
starting point: Tourist Office
This loop trail leads you along the ‚Schiefweger Straße’ and part of the former ‚Golden Trail’ to Schiefweg (here you can visit the birthplace of the famous regional poetess Emerenz Meier) and on toward Sickling. You will hike through the charming ‘Osterbachtal’, a valley along Osterbach creek, and further toward Hauzenberg. Shortly before you reach the village, you follow the signpost toward Sicklingerberg, a small hill which is famous for its splendid view. Passing the village of Sickling, you will get back to the former ‚Golden Trail’ and return to Waldkirchen again.

refreshment stop: Landgasthof Emerenz-Meier, Schiefweg

Trail 5 ‚Gartenschau Weg’

loop trail, 4 km (2.5 mi)
starting point: city park
Enjoy hiking within the area of the Regional Flower Show ‚Nature in Waldkirchen 2007’, just like 240,000 visitors before. The trail leads you from the city park with its themed gardens right to the market place. Treat yourself to a rest in Waldkirchen’s ‘front parlor’ before you continue your walk to the so-called ‘Aquasonum himmelblau’. There you can marvel at a water organ and enjoy a panoramic view over the Bavarian Forest. Afterwards, you are invited to immerse yourself in the mystic world of the magic wood. After you have left mysterious forest dwellers, let yourself be enchanted by the magnificent linden-lined road uphill the Karoli Chapel. Downhill through the high-wire forest park you’ll reach the city park again.

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Trail 6 ‚Oberfrauenwalder Weg’

loop trail, 16 km (9.9 mi)
starting point: Tourist Office
This long hiking trail runs across ‚Hauzenberger Straße’ (name of the street), passes the ‚Fischerhäusl’ and leads further through the ‚Saußwald’ (wooded area) to Oberfrauenwald (highest peak within the municipal area with a height of 948 m NN / 3,110 ft above sea level). There, on top of the look-out and after enjoying a scenic panorama across the Bavarian Forest, you’ll find it well worth the effort of a hard climb. The way back to Waldkirchen runs along the gigantic stone quarries of Lindberg, passes the golf course and finally meets your starting point again.

Trail 7 ‚Ödholz Weg’

loop trail, 14 km (8.7 mi)
starting point: Tourist Office
This hiking trail starts just like Trail 6. At the ‘Fischerhäusl’ you branch off toward Neidlingerberg. There you pass Holzfreyung and a game preserve and arrive at the village of Stocking. Way back to Waldkirchen, you’ll walk along a forest road to ‚Fischerhäusl’, where you meet your starting point again.

Trail 9 ‚Adalbert Stifter Hiking Trail and Cycle Track’

total length: 25 km (15.53 mi)
starting point: railway station
This hiking trail and cycle track along a disused railroad embankment leads you directly to Haidmühle. The trail is suitable for baby carriages. Please get more information at our Tourist Office.

Trail 10 ‚Schauerbachtal Weg’

loop trail, 4 km (2.5 mi)
starting point: Health Resort Lake Erlauzwiesel
You start at the Kurparksee Erlauzwiesel and walk across the golf course to Dorn. There you’ll soon reach the Schauerbach creek, which you follow upstream across an extensive pasture valley.

Refreshment stops: Hotelresort ReutmühleRestaurant am See, Erlauzwiesel

Trail 11 ‚Pilgramsberger Weg’

loop trail, 4 km (2.5 mi)
starting point: village of Böhmzwiesel, center
Approximately 1 km (0.62 mi) after Böhmzwiesel you follow the sign on the left to ‚Buchmühle’, where you have to cross the Osterbach creek. Situated on a hill, you’ll reach the small village of Pilgramsberg. There you can enjoy a scenic panorama. The way back to Böhmzwiesel leads along the historic ‚Golden Trail’.

Trail 15 ‚Osterbachtal Weg’

loop trail, 7 km (4.35 mi)
starting point: village of Böhmzwiesel, at the War Memorial
You start your tour in the center of the village and walk through the Osterbach valley. You’ll hike amidst pastures and fields to Stadl and Auerbach. There a trail leads you via Edelmühle back to Böhmzwiesel.

Hiking on Historic Paths of the „Golden Trail’

Section: Röhrnbach – Waldkirchen – Grainet – Bischofsreut, length approx. 20 km (12.4 mi)
marking: symbolized ancient salt trader with its horse
You start this section at our neighboring community of Röhrnbach. Starting point is the impressive castle-tower of Kaltenstein. The signposted trail leads you through rolling hills, which are so typical for the Bavarian Forest, to the village of Hauzenberg. Please follow the signpost to the left and you’ll reach the Osterbach valley. Soon you’ll see the old ‘Stelzermühle’, an old mill, and a few minutes later you’ll reach the village of Wotzmannsreut.
Over and over again, a splendid view across the scenic landscape of the Bavarian Forest opens up before your eyes. At the railroad crossing you keep to the right toward Höhenberg. The following track to Böhmzwiesel leads you along a little-used road. Passing the residential area ‘Am Goldenen Steig’ you’ll arrive at the ancient salt trading route again, nestled amidst impressive scenery, and you walk further over the ‘Kanau’ hill, Fürholz, Grainet, Haidel (1,102 m NN / 3,615 ft above sea level) to Bischofsreut.

Hiking maps and GPS-supported tours are available at the Tourist Office and in selected shops, or simply download maps in our brochure area! Please download GPS coordinates and more information here.

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