Museum Goldener Steig

For centuries, the countries of Bavaria and Bohemia had been connected by a road which was mainly used for salt trading and which became famous as the busiest medieval salt trading route in Southern Germany, named ‚Goldener Steig’ (lit. The Golden Path). Half way between Passau and Prachatice, Waldkirchen emerged already around the turn of the last millenium and was granted the title of a market in the 13th century. As a place with sole staple right for salt, the town provided shelter and rest for the salt traders and their horses. In the 15th century, Waldkirchen was surrounded by a high and strong stone wall and ten defense towers as one of the first to do so in the lower Bavarian Forest. Larger parts of this fortification have remained preserved. Together with the sprawling market place, these unique relicts reflect the erstwhile importance of Waldkirchen as principal town of the Passau ‘Abteiland’ (former region in the possession of the monastery).

Waldkirchen’s foundation and development was from the very beginning closely tied to the Golden Path. This was what gave rise to the idea of establishing a museum to showcase this trading route and its important economic and cultural role as a link between Bavaria and Bohemia. On two floors, the museum tells the story of the Golden Path in five sections.

Further exhibition topics provide insight into the history of the ‚Abteiland’ – as the region around Waldkirchen extending as far as Passau is still called today in common parlance. The museum also features folk belief and traditions, handcraft and trade and bourgois life in the town. A small armory displays ancient weapons of attack and defense.

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Heimat- und Museumsverein Waldkirchen
Büchl 22, D-94065 Waldkirchen
phone (museum): +49 8581-920551

Opening Hours:
1st May – 31 th October
25th December – 6th January
Palm Sunday – Low Sunday

Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm to 5 pm