Graphite Adventure Mine in Kropfmühl – an experience for the whole family

In Germany’s only graphite mine in Kropfmühl you’ll explore the world of the local miners back then until today and you’ll learn all about the mineral graphite.

Equipped with helmet and protective clothing, you’re ready to go down the pit into the mountain. An experienced miner accompanies you and explains you everything worth knowing about deep mining and the hard work down there. Discover the origins of graphite and the astounding variety of minerals in 45 meters depth (148 ft). But before getting started, an interesting movie will be screened featuring all about graphite.

The new exhibition takes you into the world of graphite. You’ll learn all about the raw material, its excavation and processing and its industrial applications. Discover how it all started and learn interesting facts about mining and the hard working life down pit. Selected exhibits from the dark world of the miners are waiting for you: Go ahead, take a close look and you can touch if you wish!

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