The Karoli Water Park – catering

Enjoy traditional Bavarian home cooking at the Water Park Restaurant, where you can also have a quick snack to satisfy cravings in-between meals.

Indoor Pool Restaurant with sun terrace:

The restaurant is directly accessible from the indoor pool, access from the outdoor pool via sun terrace. Small and big meals, refreshments, snacks and candy or just a cup of cappuccino, here you have it all. The sun terrace is a very special highlight of the restaurant. You have the bathing world at your feet and a splendid view of the Bavarian Forest right in front of your eyes – you will be sold on it!

Kiosk at the outdoor pool area:

When the weather is fine, the kiosk outdoors offers snacks and drinks to still the hunger and thirst of those in a hurry. Centrally located, it offers snacks, refreshments and ice-cream etc. for a boost in-between meals. The kiosk is only open when the weather is good.