Health Resort Lake Erlauzwiesel – Cure and Culture in Nature

Just get away from it all and return to nature – more and more city dwellers are yearning for a silent retreat. Do you also wish to enjoy the beauty of the Bavarian Forest, to watch plants and animals in their natural habitat and to experience nature and landscape as a recreation space?

Then you should come see us once in a while! The health resort lake Erlauzwiesel is waiting for you!

Wanderweg zwischen Stadt und dem Kurpark

Nestled in a charming hilly landscape, surrounded by meadows, woods and small villages, the lake is located just 2.5 km (1.55 miles) from Waldkirchen’s city center. A hiking trail close to nature connects the city with the park. Passing fields and flower meadows you can go for a run, do nordic walking and hiking or ride your bike.

A loop around the lake will first lead you to the heart of the health resort, an outdoor pavilion with lake stage. Cure and culture in nature find lively expression there. Being a place for encounters, the lake is a popular get-together for the young and the young at heart and a center for cultural events of any kind.

Only a few feet away, you’ll find a facility for Kneipp treatments with water treading pool and arm dip basin. Here you’re doing yourself and your health some good.

Just pause for a moment and let your spirits flow!

Up the hill, the path then leads through a cottage and kitchen garden. Embedded in a colorful meadow of wild flowers, it’s a prime example for regional garden culture. Take a peek inside and get some new ideas for your own garden. Parallel to the shores of the lake, a wide boardwalk amidst impressive wetlands leads you to the Restaurant am See. Experience the biodiversity of this natural paradise! Wooden boardwalks extending into the water provide the opportunity to contemplate the scenery and relax in a natural environment.

When you pass the holiday village ‚Feriendorf Jägerwiesen’, you will arrive at a large Natural Playground. Its landmark, a tower with tube slide, can be seen from a distance. Playing and fun take center stage there.

Opposite the pavilion you have to cross a small bridge over the ‚Reichermühlbach’ (a small creek) to reach the Themed Garden Granite in all its Varieties. The different colors and structures of this natural stone, which is so typcial of the Bavarian Forest, will baffle you. At the Information Pavilion nearby you can learn all about how our bees live and work.

You can use two parking sites on the west and east banks of the lake – of course free of charge.

For further information please visit the Touristinformation Waldkirchen. In the download area you’ll find a brochure by clicking on Brochures & Flyers.