Artists and Art Friends in and around Waldkirchen

Waldkirchen is home to a large number of artists, painters and photographers. The following brief portraits are intended to give you a short overview. If you wish to learn a little more, just click on the artist’s name!
Pictures on the cover are by Petronilla Hohenwarter (left), Franz Hintermann (middle), Renate Balda (right).

born in Plattling in 1955, Lower Bavaria
lives and works in Waldkirchen, Lower Bavaria

1980 – 83
study of art and painting at the Kunstakademie in Nuremberg in the class of Ernst Weil and Christine Sack-Colditz
during her studies she got in touch with ceramic
since 1984 she’s been working in her own ceramics workshop
from 1992 free ceramic work
from 1993
painting, first on clay, from 1994 on paper, later on canvas

first paintings with different soils, pigments, also binderless (pastel)
later with beeswax (encaustic)

from fall 2002 wax crayon works
since early 2003 lithographs
visit at Inge Dick, Mondsee (A)

first contact with Sonia Costanini

from fall 2004 acrylics on canvas
from fall 2010 paintings with aqueous shellac and pigments on hand-made paper and Japanese tissue paper


Born in Passau on 1940-10-26. After taking his ‚Abitur’ (German A-levels), he studied painting and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. From 1965 to 2005 art teacher at the Johannes-Gutenberg-Gymnasium in Waldkirchen.
His favorite techniques are water colors, oil painting, woodcut and sculptures in bronze and scrap metal.
„It is important to me to create rhythm, structure and excitement in my paintings, but also to express the unique variety of the moods of our native landscape in a compressed manner. I really like to study the many shades of gray and white in our winter wonderland. In my plastic works, I’ve always tried to catch the characteristic aspect of a figure as to anatomy and movement by increasing plasticity and reducing design“.

Rupert Berndl
Reithäckerstraße 7
94065 Waldkirchen
Tel. 08581/8484

Petronilla HohenwARTer
born in Waldkirchen in1965 / Lower Bavaria

A passionate and committed artist who studies the spiritual goods of the man and visualizes them in her art, she confronts herself with human likeness and expression and deals with it in her works of art – her work embodies living authenticity.

Studies / Bio
1983-1986 studies at the Academy of Social Pedagogy in Passau
1995-1997 psychological-pedagogical additional training TIRA in Munich
1987-1997 social worker for children, youngsters and adults
1997-2000 guest student Visual Art, University of Surakarta, Indonesia, Southeast Asia
1999-2003 advanced training ‘Free Painting’ with Prof. D. Fischer/SV, Erwin Eisch/G, print graphics Dr. H. Bernhard/Ö, Mag. I. Chválová /CZ

since 1997
Numerous exhibitions and invitations to symposia, periods abroad to work in arts and several projects as artist-in-residence in Europa, Southeast Asia, USA
Awards and Grants, among others, Debutante Award of Lower Bavaria granted for the first solo show, 1st prize of the „AbstractaPier Paolo Castellucci“ exhibition in Florence, Culture Prize received from the Kulturverein e.V. District Freyung-Grafenau
represented by the gallery 33contemporary in Chicago and Pablo & Paul in Munich

main studio in Bavaria, 94065 Waldkirchen, Bannholzstrasse 36

Website: or

born in Waldkirchen on 20-1-1955
1981-82 studies at the Bavarian State Academy of Photography in Munich (master)
Marktplatz 13, 94065 Waldkirchen, phone 08581/9612-14, fax -17,
Hauzenbergerstr. 36, phone 08581/910 770, Gallery ‚Zum Unruhigen Hydranten’


Born in Krumlov in 1944, Sudeten German Terrritories, CZ
Studies of Art at Bielefeld university with a focus on terracotta sculptures and theater with Prof. Peter Sommer from 1995 to 2001
lives and works in Waldkirchen

»Brunnenskulpturen« (fountain sculptures)


born in 1968
studied and graduated at Passau university, Chair of Arts Education from 1990 to 1995
lives and works in Waldkirchen

Project\\ Digital Metamorphosis of Dimensions

Within several steps, real urgency mutates via digital process into newly arranged images and realities.

Collecting and experimenting with „small parts“ with an edge length of about two centimeters, taken from today’s world of consumption: plastic parts, foils, plants, glass, packaging materials

\\ Transforming by compressing, cutting, isolation from its original appearance and initial function, on the basis of visual-artistic aspects:
illumination in light projections, deformation of materials/material reductions and transformation processes such as reversion, drying, melting, chemical treatment

\\ Digitalization via scanning of transformed, reduced materials. The physical shape is converted into numeric values and stored in files.

\\ Mathematical solving, processing and combining of virtual sections. The result is an artificial assembly of parts of formerly real items. Virtual visual worlds are emerging –
via modifications and filtration of pixel values in different planes.
\\ Return to familiar point of views

From the artist’s point of view, the result is a restructuring in different aggregate states and dimensions.\\\


Reinhilde Schreiber was born in the Bavarian Forest/Lower Bavaria in 1957. She is living her nature-loving way of life in our beautiful city of Waldkirchen, surrounded by a lot of wood. Reinhilde Schreiber developed her love for painting, drawing and writing in her early childhood. Her source of power – reflected in her works – lies in her natural talent, her creativity and her love for people, animals and nature.
In 1984, she studied „Free Painting and Drawing“ and passed the exam and thesis with flying colors. Private painting lessons with renowned artists such as Anton Ohme. Comprehensive further training with various painting techniques, graphics and digital image processing. She focuses on man, nature and environment in her works – and often enough with a critical approach.

94065 Waldkirchen – Schmidpointstr. 18
Tel. 08581/2865

Samuel Wandira uses the bark of African trees to paint his poetries on. Just click on an image and zoom in.

‘I was born in Bufutuula, Uganda on 1959-09-09. I’ve been living here in Germany since 1987. Since my early childhood I’ve shown a great interest in painting. At the college I studied Art.
During my first years in Germany I worked as a self-taught artist and mainly dealt with monotype techniques. Those images were very often a pure act of liberation, expression of my fantasy, compositions of colors and emotions.’

Samuel Wandira
Dorfwiesenstr. 27
94065 Waldkirchen
(0049) 08581/3033

Institute for Art and Music


Mission/Activities of the Cultural Circle:
Conceptual support and sponsorship of cultural activities within the county of Freyung-Grafenau e.V.;
Planning and execution of cultural activities and events in close cooperation with the KEB organization (Catholic Adult Education) or other institutions and also on its own account (concerts, exhibitions, performances, book readings, Literary Circle, cinema shows, field excursions and a lot more);
Every year, the Kulturkreis awards cultural prizes and grants to local artists.


The Art Association Wolfstein was founded in 1984. With more than 400 members – including 150 visual artists – the club is one of the largest art associations in Eastern Bavaria.
With its wide range of educational offerings, including art courses, workshops and field excursions, e. g. to Venice, Kassel, Dresden, Berlin, Paris, Basel a.s.o., the club makes culture accessible with events featuring classical and contemporary art – always a very special experience under the able guidance of Alfons Neubauer (restorer at the Munich ‘Glyptothek’).
The wide variety of artistic offerings, in cooperation with educational facilities of the Major District Town of Freyung, from preschool courses to training and education for children, youngsters and adults, attracts even inter-regional art lovers and is an important and sustainable cultural institution.
Regular exhibitions as well as group and solo shows from artists of the Kunstverein are well known far beyond district borders due to their recognized high artistic level.
Your membership in the Kunstverein Wolfstein helps strengthen the cultural endeavours of the Association and represents creative lifestyle.